Talent Points Fluctuation

In some rare occasions, you may notice that your Talent Points have decreased by 10 or 20 with no record of a downvote.

As Contest Holders keep voting, all points in the Contest are recalculated after each vote. The entries that were added earlier are prioritized over the ones that were added later in the contest. Only those 20 entries that were posted first, get points.

To clarify - in each contest, up to 200 points are awarded for upvotes. Therefore, about 20 upvoted entries receive points. This is determined by the time the entry was posted, not by the time when the voting took place. So when a contest holder upvotes an entry that was posted earlier, and your entry moves down the list, you may lose the points received for that entry. Contest holders can also change their votes any time they like, so this can cause slight fluctuation.

Another cause for losing Points may be that the Contest Holder has simply removed an upvote.