Why are domains sometimes reported as available when in fact they're taken?

While we strive towards 100% accuracy in our Domain Search, we've received reports that upon verification at third parties, some of the domains we reported as available were in fact taken.

In domain checks, we rely on a number of third parties to provide us accurate information. In order to maintain quick response times, we sometimes have to make compromises, so in reality we're probably somewhere near 99.99% accuracy.

We're searching from over 100 million registered domain names and the data is consistently changing, so it could happen that every once in a while someone stumbles on a false positive. This should be an extremely rare occasion though and it depends on what you're searching for. For instance this seems to happen within some TLD-s during domain transfer periods from one registrar to another.

NameStation serves hundreds of thousands of generated domain names each day and we get a report about false positives every couple of months. If you find any such cases, please send us an email with the domain name we reported available and we'll investigate the causes.